Factory Panels vs. Onsite Rollforming

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Factory Panels vs. Onsite Rollforming

Most metal roofing contractors today purchase their panels from a factory those panels are then transported to the construction site either by the manufacturer or the contractor, this can cause several issues.

First, there is always the possibility that a mistake could be made and the panels could be the incorrect length, wrong color, or incorrect style of panel.

Second, there could be issues with transport such as damage occurring during transport or shipping delays, all of which will delay your project being completed in a timely manner. In addition to the possible time delays most factory panels have a maximum length that they can be formed which means more waste and more labor to install the trim necessary to connect 2 or more panels.

20 years ago one such shipping delay resulted in our purchase of our very first on-site roll forming machine, the machines allow us to roll form each panel onsite.

These machines allow us to complete jobs with less waste and continuous panel lengths ensuring a custom precise fit for your home.

Our on-site roll forming machines offer an additional advantage, our machines are certified by Underwriter Laboratories as being capable of producing Class 4 Roofing Panels, which means our roofing panels are rated for impact resistance and wind uplift at the highest caliber. This rating in turn could give you a discount on your homeowners insurance.

When looking at a crew that rolls their own panels
here are some things you can look at to determine
which one to choose.

• Is the machine UL Certified?
• Can the contractor show you a current UL Certificate?
• Do they have machines that will roll the specific
type of panel you want?
• How often do they calibrate and inspect their
• Who do they buy their metal from, are they reputable?
• What gauge metal do they use?
• What kind of paint system is on the metal?

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